About The Team


About The Team

Introducing your DT:

Chloe Agg

Known As: Chloe

Role: DT (particularly involved in crew/GOD logistics, fluff & stories). Don’t ask me about rules.

First larp/rp experience and/or what got you into rp: I started on D&D when I was 5, playing “Holly the Hobbit” alongside my Mum as my Dad DM’d. I played Magic with my Dad too, and it was this that got me chatting to Richard (Pitt) & Tom who invited me along to Pixie. So I started larp there when I was 12. I played a fortune telling warrior, and met James Agg who was a samurai at the time…of course I wasn’t an Agg back then!

Favourite E1 memory: So hard to choose, watching players attempting to solve puzzles is always fun though, so I would probably go for the “nuptial hues” & the “hellllooo” bottle blowing [If you were there for either, you’ll know what I mean!]. I was also very fond of the time Richard & James met James Agg as a lone goblin in a box & their conversation about what to do with him! I do love me a larp moral dilemma!

If you could play E2, what class would you play:Definitely a generalist probably with skills in tinkering & either athleticism or hospitality…so basically myself then!

What is your favourite sweet/snack: Cheese, foam bananas or chocolate dipped pretzels…although not simultaneously, I’m a woman of eclectic tastes, but not *that* eclectic!

What game (board/computer/etc) character do you most associate with: Elaine Marley!

Febs Fairbairn

Known as: Febs

Role: DT – dogsbody & rituals

First larp/rp experience and/or what got you into rp: I saw treasure trap on Blue Peter, then played the early Portly Pixie run by Mark’s Mum and godfather.

Favourite E1 memory: Using the climbing tower during the ‘save Gaston’ undead fight, also the Mr Ben’s emporium and its many different worlds

If you could play E2, what class would you play?:WIZARD! Or erm, mage with a side of ritualism. I’m loving how the magic system has been improved.

What is your favourite sweet/snack?: I am rather partial to double decker bars.

Describe yourself with a book or film quote: “Oh my god it’s full of stars” – 2001

James Agg

Known as: James

Role: DT; having re-written all of the classes, I’m the go-to person for anything character-based

First LARP experience: Some 20 or so years ago, I was thrown into one of the toughest 3 hour adventures the Portly Pixie system had to offer as an introduction to LARP. How did I cope? By killing one of my party members and escaping to safety whilst halfway through my death-count.

Favourite E1 memory: So many events, so many fantastic memories! From witnessing the reanimation of a bit-part NPC into the undead abomination “Steve”, to thinking on my feet as Dungeons Inc tried to negotiate with a mimic and then running around in a Benny Hill style as Fulgen’s hammer was disarmed by Whisper, I’ve loved writing the stories and then seeing all of the players throughout E1 taking them and making them their own.

If you could play E2, what class would you play?:Spellsword. I loved pulling this class together from scratch, from the first rough concept to the final polishing and balancing (which was so, so tough!)

What is your favourite sweet / snack?: I’m sweet enough as I am, so snacks have to be savoury! Give me a bucket of wasabi peas or pork scratchings and I’ll pretty much do anything. Except wink…

What game character do you most associate with?: I’m Bobbin Threadbare – are you my mother?

Jason Burt

Known as: Jason

Role: DT – Rules Ref & player admin

How did you first get into rp?: I started with Dragon Warriors then D&D. My first LARP was in the Labyrinth caves.

Favourite E1 memory: The 3 level dungeon, the birth of the Brotherhood of the Bean, Dungeons Inc boat building and who could forget Gerald the pointless Orc!!!

If you could play E2, what class would you play?: I have always been a sucker for Rangers.

What is your favourite sweet/snack?: – Vimto bonbons or Drumsticks.

Who would play you in the film of your life?: Dave Prowse [cheekily chosen by the team as Jason didn’t answer this one!]


Known as: Mark

Role: DT – Rituals, Resources, Deities

First larp/rp experience and/or what got you wish to be known into rp: RP – Sitting in my parents living room whilst they played D&D, and ultimately being allowed to join in. Then LARP – I remember running round the prototype Portly Pixie as snap traps were set under some of the loot.

Favourite E1 memory: Reffing the pits, particularly the first ever timed pit, watching how players came up with ingenious ways to solve puzzles, and being able to reward good roleplay with success.

If you could play E2, what class would you play?:Torn between Shaman, and pure priest – the balancing James has done to the classes make the pure priest option so tempting.

What is your favourite sweet/snack?:Strawberry laces

Describe yourself with a book or film quote: ” What ever you do, do it for love. If you keep that, your path will never wander so far from the light that you can never return.” – Changes (Dresden files) Jim Butcher

Introducing your Senior Refs:

Ashley Pepper

Known As: Ash

Role: Senior Ref (specialities – crew/GOD logistics, bookings and website)

First larp/rp experience and/or what got you wish to be known into rp: My first larp was Eventyr at Consall. Jason asked me along from a roleplay group. I was there to play a ranger, introducing the prestige class. I played DnD since I was about 12 with my Dad though who is really responsible for introducing me to all things fantasy through JRR Tolkien, Labyrinth and DnD.

Favourite E1 memory: Dancing a mating ritual of bio-luminescent squid with Chloe. This involved much hilarity as we had glo-sticks hidden in our cleavages & ‘flirted’ with the players!

If you could play E2, what class would you play:Generalist!!!! [With a bard/ritualist flavour to it]

What is your favourite sweet/snack: Peanut brittle, pork scratchings or licorice toffees.

Describe yourself with a book or film quote:“Actually I’m highly logical which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.” – Hermione Deathly Hallows Pt1

Ben Pepper

Known As: Ben

Role: Senior Ref focusing on camp rules, resource gathering & crafting

First larp/rp experience and/or what got you wish to be known into rp: After Jason convinced Ashley to come to an event I was brought to the 2nd one she went to. I remember waiting for 3 hours as a mummy for the players to turn up only for them to run away at the first sign of movement, never to be seen again.

Favourite E1 memory: I have 2… The first one was crawling around the players camp late into the evening as a Orc of the SHHHH tribe setting traps in tents and watching people’s reactions when they could not figure out what was going on. I was at it for nearly 2 hours; Never got old. The second was the orcs tea party. Where we tried to educate the savage humans in the ways of the more civilised world. The group we encountered were told all about their “Bad Form”. Oh yeah and there were fezzes involved making it infinitely cooler.

If you could play E2, what class would you play?: A rogue, I like the balance they have. Though I probably would end up as a Charlatan as I love the idea of manipulating situations and tricking a god out of the power you are granted.

What is your favourite sweet/snack?: Crisps

Describe yourself with a book or film quote : “I Love it when a plan comes together” You may have to change it on the fly but as long as you know what you are doing right now, you are following the plan.

Ben Smith

Known As: Bear

Role: Senior Ref (speciality – world plot)

First larp/rp experience and/or what got you into rp: I was brought into larp by the pesterings of the Ashley & Ben Pepper, who rewarded my first venture into the hobby with a stuttering priest who wore a baby yellow robe (aka the banana robes!). Clearly they didn’t put me off enough to stay away. I have been into roleplay for close to 15 years at this point and have DM’d for the vast majority of that, I prefer to be the storyteller it seems.

Favourite E1 memory: I think the moment I laughed at the most was playing part of a group of ratmen that was eating spellbooks. The players came in and for each time we were hit we cast a random spell. Dying on a random spiderwalk spell after their food had been purified was very amusing.

If you could play E2, what class would you play:This was tough – between barbarian and psion. However I believe I would go with psion, my kind of magic user.

What is your favourite sweet/snack: Jaffa Cakes or caramel ice cream.

What game (board/computer/etc) character do you most associate with: The Great Necromancer Nagash! What can I say, I love being a great villain and master of undeath….I miss Drexler so….

Jason Mottram

Known as: Hawk

Role: Senior Ref (speciality – archery!)

First larp or role play experience what got me into role play: My first role play experience was as a soldier late at night. One of the squaddies in my troop had a set of D&D books and a load of dice and as we were on lock down and not allowed to leave barracks…so yeah games ensued. That was 30 years ago. My first larp experience was 12 years ago when i joined CP and played for the first time.

Favorite E1 memory: Seeing the faces of the players the first time i teleported as a moon elf. They realized how powerful the moon elves were …quality.

If i could play E2 what would i play?: I would be a Ranger ….just fancy using a bow for a change!! I love the idea of the archer being able to use the bushes around him to coat his arrows…brilliant and deadly.

Favourite snack / sweet?: My favourite sweet is the toblerone but my favourite snack is chicken…….all of the chicken …in a loaf of tiger bread….with BBQ dip. mmmmm

What game/computer game character do I identify with?: Commander Jameson from Elite. Elite was the first real open world PC game I played on the BBC B micro in the early 80s. I now play elite dangerous 35 years later……amazing game.

Sarah Mottram

Known As: Sarah/Motty/Crow

Role: Senior Ref (Costume Design/Dressmaker/Monster Crew Costumer)

First Larp Experience/who got me into Larp: Prior to marrying him, my husband (Jason also known as Hawk) talked to me about the fun he has with the students at his school playing this obscure hobby called larp. I asked Jason for help setting up a medieval party for a bunch of our friends. Jason introduced me to the drama teacher at his school who had farmland I could use and is also a larper. The rest is now history.

Favourite memory from E1: As a wandering monster mercenary, I shot another monster with an arrow to the buttocks, who fled and told some players what happened. When the player group heard the tale they tracked me down to exact justice and with well-chosen words I still managed to walk away alive. Monster win!

If I could play E2, what class would you play?:Charlatan, master of manipulation and subterfuge.

Favourite sweet?: Anything chocolate is always accepted as a bribe

What game character do you most associate with?: Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. She is also my ultimate cosplay goal.