Silhouetted against a night sky illuminated by the flames of the burning village, a stalwart warrior vows to track down the monsters that destroyed her home and family…

From atop a tall, eldritch tower, a mage opens a portal to another realm, determined to find the source of the plague affecting his world…

Sitting under a blossoming apple tree, a shepherd wonders what life might be like on the other side of the river…

Not every story needs to start with a grand idea. Not every adventure needs a hero. But whilst every hero starts from simple beginnings, only a brave few stay there.

Becoming a Generalist

The route to becoming a generalist is different to that for all other prestige classes. The only route to this unique class is to spend all of a character’s starting experience points on general skills, taking nothing from any of the four base classes.

Assuming that a character has only taken general skills, they can commit themselves to pursuing a career as a generalist. Instead of selecting a base class and potentially a related prestige class, the generalist is (initially) limited to skills from the general list and from generalist manual.

Key Features:

  • Gets access to two skills from every class
  • All of the generalist skills are Unique to them
  • Skills are focused on interacting with the world

Prestige classes available:

  • None

Full Generalist Manual: Click Here