Experimentation with the arcane was part of the fun of being a mage. Having studied for years, first in the College of Morn and then under the tutelage of Firenze Brindisi, he had mastered the elements of light and fire. Now, with a new understanding of earth magic, he cautiously wove the three skeins of power together and released the spell. As his vision cleared, the sudden lack of table before him suggested that the experiment had worked…

Mages are the undisputed masters of arcane magic. Through the harnessing of elemental energies they have studied, they can unleash devastating spells upon their enemies. As their understanding of the arcane increases, melding different elemental powers together can create fantastic effects, providing boons to the mage and their allies and confounding their foes.

Key Features:

  • You begin aligned to one element and link to more as your gain power.
  • Large amounts of offensive magic that can be infused with the power of the elements you are linked with.
  • As you link with more elements you gain the ability to learn a wider variety of spells.

Prestige Classes Available:

  • Spell Sword
  • Ranger
  • Shaman
  • Druid
  • Psion

Full Mage Manual: Click Here