“A rogue in rouge”, she thought to herself. “Could I be any more of a cliché?” As she danced on the secluded balcony with the portly son of the Duke, she withdrew a stiletto blade from a voluminous sleeve of her dress. “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”, she grunted as she pushed the knife in, up and under his ribcage. Shaking her head at the awful pun, she wiped the blade clean on a lace handkerchief before concealing both again and returning to the festivities of the ball…

Spy, scout, assassin, thief, scoundrel. A rogue can go by many names, adapting their skills to suit almost every situation. Picking locks or pockets, if a rogue is tasked with collecting something, they invariably get it. And if violence is required… don’t turn your back on a rogue!

Key Features:

  • Coup de Grace ability allowing you to quickly take out an incapacitated foe
  • With the skill to back stab, combat calls can be made on unsuspecting targets at half the normal OP cost
  • Access to the black market as a alternative source of equipment and selling on ill gotten gains. No Questions Asked

Prestige Classes Available:

  • Charlatan
  • Ranger
  • Barbarian

Full Rogue Manual: Click Here