Strike, parry, riposte. Strike, parry, riposte.” The steps of the training mantra kept repeating in her head. “Strike, parry, riposte.” Even as her muscles burned in complaint, she could feel strength and focus returning. “Strike, parry, riposte. Strike, parry, riposte.” She barely noticed the raiding party burst into camp. “Strike, parry, riposte. Strike, parry, stop-thrust, parry, cut-over, advance, parry, riposte, rest.” Her training drills complete, she set about clearing away the bodies of the monsters…

No tale of adventure would be complete without the involvement of a warrior somewhere. The consummate fighter, a warrior can use all armour and weapons, delivering death as a swift, lightly armoured whirlwind of blades or an immovable wall of strong plates and stronger blows.

Key Features:

  • Has access to train in all weapon and armour types including shields, something no other class can do offering a great deal of flexibility.
  • Offensive/Defensive combat drills – the Warrior is the only class with the ability to learn to recover both Offensive and Defensive points.

Prestige Classes Available:

  • Spell Sword
  • Paladin
  • Barbarian

Full Warrior Manual: Click Here