Adventuring (1)

As a general rule no but rewards vs numbers / challenge will be a factor I.e a big party will have less trouble dealing with some pits therefore not gain as much xp per person as a small group in an equivalent pit. General guidance 4-8 makes for a good ‘pit’ group, and having a total group that is larger than this is your choice. However, there may be some pits which do restrict access through needed skills / xp requirements / xp limits.

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Character Creation (1)

Whilst the Eventyr world continues to be open, there will be options as to how you integrate group backgrounds in to the existing world – consultation with DT on the matter is always encouraged (and allows for us to tailor some plot / background to your world) There is a setting document which was published prior to the first event, which adds guidance as to how to integrate your backgrounds in to the game.

Priest (1)

Whilst there is flexibility about what your call your god & their/your story, there are a fixed set of domains. Your god will be ‘defined’ by up to two of these domains from which the spells of priests will come (in addition to some core spells). When you are creating a priest you will need to submit a paragraph describing your god to the DT, alternatively there will be set pantheon from which you will be able to choose a god from.

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Costume Standards (1)

We want Eventyr to be as inclusive & diverse as possible, whilst still being immersive high fantasy. This means that while we want people to wear costumes that evoke the spirit of the magical world in which we are living for the weekend, we also want people not to be physically or financially crippled by the costume standards. Please see costume standards guidelines for more information.

Bookings (1)

We currently have a player cap of 50 adult places and 10 under 18 places.

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Mage (4)

The circle of power for it can be created as soon as the mage is capable (4th level with two different elemental masteries), location is not dependant on elementary abundance.  

Category: Mage

Only one scroll can be written per event. The higher levels of skill permit the writing of higher circle spells not more lower circle ones.

Category: Mage

This is correct, so having mastery in Air, Dark and Water means you can cast the third level Invisibility (Air/Dark) for 1MP and the 5th level Steal Power (Air/Dark/Water) for 2MP.


Category: Mage

Writing a scroll will cost the power points necessary to cast that spell. 

Category: Mage