Adventuring (2)

All characters start with only crude items. In the original Eventyr, new characters started only with gold, so having equipment to hand is a change towards more immediate immersion and adventure.
It encourages people to get out and explore and interact with their surroundings; quality, masterwork and even magical items will be out there in the world to find / buy / steal as soon as you arrive.

As a general rule no but rewards vs numbers / challenge will be a factor I.e a big party will have less trouble dealing with some pits therefore not gain as much xp per person as a small group in an equivalent pit. General guidance 4-8 makes for a good ‘pit’ group, and having a total group that is larger than this is your choice. However, there may be some pits which do restrict access through needed skills / xp requirements / xp limits.

Category: Adventuring

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