Character Creation (4)

Whilst the Eventyr world continues to be open, there will be options as to how you integrate group backgrounds in to the existing world – consultation with DT on the matter is always encouraged (and allows for us to tailor some plot / background to your world) There is a setting document which was published prior to the first event, which adds guidance as to how to integrate your backgrounds in to the game.

The XP spent on ritualism skills does not count towards your ritualism level, and hence does not count towards the limit per event spent on ritualism.

For example

2XP in to ritualism would make the character a first level ritualist – allowing them to contribute to one ritual per day, but not lead any separate ritual.

Spending 3xp on alchemist would allow tbem to lead two extra potion rituals per day, and whilst leading them they would effectively be a lvl2 ritualist

Net effect – the a character above can create 2 potions per day, as if they were a lvl2 ritualist, and contribute 1 level of ritualism to someone else’s ritual once per day.

As they are independent the XP on ritualism skills does not affect the 5xp limit, so a start up character could spend 8 xp (5 in to ritualism, 3 in to alchemy) – making them a Lvl2 ritualist, able to lead one ritual of any type, contribute to two other rituals, and lead 2 extra potion rituals at an effective ritualst level of 3.

All characters start with only crude items. In the original Eventyr, new characters started only with gold, so having equipment to hand is a change towards more immediate immersion and adventure.
It encourages people to get out and explore and interact with their surroundings; quality, masterwork and even magical items will be out there in the world to find / buy / steal as soon as you arrive.
The bonus xp were awarded to players who attended the last three events of Eventyr 1, as a thank you for shaping the end of the last campaign. This waswa one time bonis for the first character made by that player. There won’t be any further bonuses being handed out for these players, even if their characters die.

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