Time In 

“Time In” is where most of the action of the event takes place. Players are considered to have been “timed in” when they have had their safety and event briefing and joined the game. They are then fully “in time” until they specifically go to an “out of time” location. 

Out of Time 

There are very few “out of time” locations. Nevertheless, there are some areas where “in time” activities cannot or will not take place. These are usually limited to players personal, out-of-character tents (typically pitched in a specific “out of time” location), toilet and shower blocks and the area around GOD or monster crew hut. In an “out of time” location, no in-character activities can take place; players will usually only enter these areas to specifically use their facilities, ask rules questions, hand in lost property and any other non-game activities. 

Time Freeze 

To allow for things to happen in a fantasy world that could not happen within the real world, a referee may call a “time freeze”. This will usually be called to allow the referee to move monsters or items into or out of an area, thus creating the desired fantasy effect for your enjoyment. More information on what to do during a “time freeze” is given in the following section on Safety. 

Time Out 

This is another call used by referees in order to stop all in-game activity temporarily. A “time out” is called in order to briefly step out of character to explain a situation, or to travel to or from an encounter zone. When moving around a site under the effects of a “time out”, a player must hold an open hand clearly up above their head, signifying that they are not there in-game 


Twilight is the point where all power points (OP, DP, MP, PP and SP) are reset, and any ongoing effects end (unless stated otherwise). Hit points do not reset at twilight. To avoid confusion, the specific time of twilight will be announced during the player brief and will be posted at GOD for reference.  


Downtime usually encompasses any activities carried out in character between events with the desired effect of creating or improving things prior to the next event. There is no downtime within the Eventyr system. All interaction, trading, training and item creation can only be done during time in.  

Although adventuring in the world of Eventyr is all about having fun, there is no getting away from the fact that it often involves potentially dangerous situations. Live action role-play is effectively a full contact sport and everyone attending should take every precaution to limit the risks to themselves and others.