Melee Weapon Types 

Despite there being an almost infinite number of weapons in the world, in Eventyr they are grouped into six categories, depending on its length and design. 


Type of damage 


Short  Blunt   Sharp  Overall length no greater than 18” 
Long  Blunt   Sharp  Overall length greater than 18” 
Two-handed  Blunt   Sharp  Overall length greater than 42” 

Functionally, there are no differences between a sword and an axe and so both are described as long, sharp weapons (assuming they are longer than 18”). The distinction between blunt and sharp weapons has been made because certain weapon skills require one type or another and certain creatures may be more susceptible to damage from one type of weapon over another. Similarly, there are separate skills for the various weapon lengths. 

Ranged Weapon Types 

In addition to the six types of melee weapon, there are two types of ranged weapon that can be employed. These are missile weapons (bows and crossbows) and thrown weapons. Missile weapons require ammunition in order to be used; one ammunition trade card represents up to 10 arrows or bolts. One trade card of thrown weapons represents up to three individual thrown weapons (e.g. three axes or three knives).

Now you need to think about what armour to use.